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LOGO Registration: Advantages & Documents

Logo is associated with the identity of the brand so it can be covered under trademark. Also, it makes the brand unique and therefore can be protected under the Copyright Act as well.

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The company and its product are identified by its logo. From (Microsoft Logo) to (Google Logo), all well-known companies include themselves as a separate identity. This is because the most effective way to settle in the minds of the customers and stay in trend is the logo. This is the reason that whenever you design your company logo or design a new logo, register it immediately with us. Otherwise, your rival companies can expand in the market by making the same people their own.


Advantages of Logo Registration:

  • It identifies different types of products and services and their company.

  • It helps in advertisement of products and services.

  • It also identifies the quality of the product and services.

  • After the logo and brand registration, it also gives its owner the proprietary right to use the product and services.

  • After registration, it also eliminates the fear of being used by other traders.

  • Even if any other trader uses the registered logo and brand, then the owner can take legal action against him.


Documents required for logo and brand registration

  1. Copy of Trademark or logo.

  2. Applicant details such as: name, address and nationality and incorporation state for the company.

  3. Date of first use of the trademark, if used prior to application.

  4. Information about products and services.

  5. Power of Attorney (POA) signed by the Application .


How to register logo ?

Step- 1: Create a unique and powerful logo

Step- 2: Apply online or offline for people registration It is mandatory for the applicant to fill Form TM-A for the registration of the logo under the Trade Marks Act, 1999 (Trade Marks Act, 1999).

Step -3: Scrutiny of Application The logo and the information given in the application will be checked by the officials and if the information given in the application is found correct then it will be published in the Trademark Journal. If there is any objection, the report will be sent to the applicant.


If the officer is not satisfied with the answer to the objection given by the applicant, a hearing will be held. If the application is approved during the hearing, it will be published in the Trademark Journal. If there is no opposition or objection on public publication, then the process of registration will proceed.


NOTE: How long does logo registration take?

“This process can take anywhere from eight months to 18 months”

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