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Society Registration: Benefits, Registration process & Documents

The term society registration means an association of a number of persons who are actively interested together collectively to accomplish some important task. Some of the important types of societies under society registration are culture, sports, education, religion etc. and these are registered for the improvement of charitable activities. The word charitable means relief from poverty, education, advancement of religion etc. Any seven or more persons associated with a charitable purpose, contributing to the welfare of the people in the organization.

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Incorporate yourself into a society under the Societies Registration Act, 1860. Some types of societies that can be registered under the Act are charitable societies, military orphans, societies established for the promotion of science, literature or fine arts, for education. etc




Society Act of 1860:-

The Societies Registration Act, 1860 is an act of India that registers those organizations which usually work for the benefit of the society, such as societies working in the field of education, health, employment etc. The Societies Registration Act, 1860 is a Central Act and various types of charitable and non-commercial organizations are registered under this Act. This Act is equally applicable to the whole of India and it is amended from time to time by the states as per their requirement. The rules of each state are also different. Under this act, registration of societies formed for scientific, educational, charitable and welfare purposes and renewal of registered societies after every five years is done.


Importance and Benefits of Societies Registration Act 1860:

  • Fewer or no legal hassles when purchasing a property.

  • Right to enforce proceedings in case of disputes or identification of defaults.

  • Authority to avail income tax return

  • Bear lesser liabilities

  • Transfer property to other entities without submitting lengthy documents or adhering to strict compliances.

  • Property protection against adversaries seeking its ownership.

  • Right to gather funds from external sources.

  • Invest in or purchase property in its name and avoid dealing with provisions related to ownership transfers.


Registration process:

• The founder members have to agree on a name for the society

• The members have to prepare the Memorandum and Rules and Regulations of the society • The following documents are prepared, signed and submitted for society registration:

  • Covering letter requesting registration of the society, signed by all founding members

  • MOA of the society in duplicate along with a certified copy

  • Rules and regulations of the society in duplicate along with a duplicate, duly signed by founding members

  • Affidavit by the president or secretary of the society stating relationship between the subscribers

  • Address proof of the registered office of the society

• The signed MOA and rules and regulations are filed with the Registrar of societies.


Documents Required for Society Registration:-

List of Required Documents for Society Registration -: While registering for a society, you need the following society registration documents:


Two Ngo Name Required:

When we see your NGO name for registration whether any of these names are already registered.


Proof of Address:

All the members of the proposed society will have to submit proof of their residence. They can use Aadhaar card or passport as valid proof of address. Along with this, the proof of address where the society is registered is also required.


Memorandum of Association:

It contains the details of where the society is located. It also contains information about the constitution of the members of the society.


A list containing the names of all the members:

A list containing the names of all members with their signatures is also required.


PAN Card:

The promoter registering the society should have the PAN card of all the members of the society.


Covering letter:

A covering letter containing information about the aims and objectives of the Society is to be enclosed against the application.


Self-Declaration Form:

This is to be presented by the President of the Society. He has to state that he is ready to register the said society and that he is capable of achieving this status.


1 Affidavit:

which is owned and has NOC for the society


2 Affidavits:

Including information about people not related to each other and the name of the society.



Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) for Society Registration

Here we are providing you the answers to frequently asked questions for society registration.


Can a promoter register a Society for Profit?

No. A society can only be registered without any profit. However, the only benefit to the people for the establishment of the society may be the social welfare and empowerment of the people and the preservation of knowledge and arts.


Where to register society?

To register a society, you need to visit the office of the Registrar of Societies.


How many members will be required to form the society?

If you want to register the society at regional level, then to form a society, minimum 7 members are required. If you want to register the society at the national level, you must have at least eight members from different states. The Society plays an important role in the development and preservation of knowledge and arts. It empowers those who are weak. Society registration protects knowledge, arts, and serves as a way of helping the country develop socially.


Can Government servants or officers be members of an NGO?

Yes. Government servants or officials can be part of an NGO, provided the NGO is not anti-government. In addition to this, the members must abide by a number of guidelines, one of which is to guarantee that the particular organisation is not profitable and that none of the members receive any compensation from the NGO.


What should not be there in the name of the society?

The name shall not be Similar to one already existing in the District. Name prohibited or registered by State or Central Government through executive instructions or through Emblems and Names (Prevention of Improper Use) Act, 1950.


Can memorandum, By-laws of society be amended?

If so, what is the procedure? Memorandum can be amended by approval in a special General Body Meeting called for the purpose after giving due notice and by approval another special General Body Meeting called after 30 days again. By-laws can be amended by approval of majority of members in Special General Body Meeting. Such amended by-laws shall be filed with the Registrar within one month.

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