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Legal Cases

Divorce and Matrimonial issue

Divorce/  Matrimonial issue

A divorce formally dissolves a legal marriage. While married couples do not possess a constitutional or legal right to divorce, states permit divorces because to do so best serves public policy. To ensure that a particular divorce serves public policy interests, some states require a "cooling-off period," which prescribes a time period after legal separation that spouses must bear before they can initiate divorce proceedings.

Property Issue

Property Issue

There are problems, whether legal, personal or professional related to every aspect of our lives. The real challenge lies in facing those problems and solving them with aplomb. Some of the major problems are legal. The legal angle gives these problems the uppermost place in someone's life. In the same way, there may be legal problems related to your property transactions for which you have to be extra cautious. 

Family & Inheritance issue

Family & Inheritance Issue

The practise of obtaining private property, titles, debts, entitlements, privileges, rights, and duties upon the death of an individual is known as inheritance. The laws of inheritance vary by society and have evolved over time. A testator can legally bequeath private property and/or obligations by a will, as attested by a notary, or through other legal ways.

Employment issue

Employment issue

Employment law concerns range from workplace discrimination and harassment to hazardous working conditions, but one thing stays constant: if your employer breaks the law, you have legal redress.

criminal issue

Criminal Issue

Criminal law is distinguished by the severity of the potential repercussions or sanctions for breaking its laws. [8] There are criminal components in every crime. For the most egregious offences, capital penalty may be inflicted in some jurisdictions. Physical or corporal punishment, such as whipping or caning, may be used, however these penalties are illegal in many parts of the world. Depending on the jurisdiction, people can be held in prison or jail for a variety of reasons.

consumer issue

Consumer issue

When a person purchases goods or services as a customer, consumer concerns can arise. Consumer protection laws exist at both the federal and state levels, and they are designed to protect customers from sellers who engage in unfair or dishonest business practises.

consumer court issue

Consumer court issue

In India, the Consumer Court is a special purpose court. Its main focus is on consumer disputes, conflicts, and grievances. To resolve these disagreements, the court organises hearings.

When customers file a lawsuit, the court examines to see if they can show that they were exploited by using evidence such as bills or purchase notes. Courts rarely rule in favour of the plaintiff when no such proof is produced. The majority of the time, the Court bases its decision on infringement of consumer rights (if any). The purpose of having a separate forum for consumer disputes is to ensure that they are resolved quickly and at a lower cost.

accident insurance issue

Accident & insurance issue

Call your insurance carrier as soon as possible after the accident to report the damage. Notify the authorities of the occurrence and obtain a FIR. In the FIR, make a note of the car, the driver, and any witnesses. Make a claim with your insurance company and request that a surveyor be assigned to assess the damage.

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business corporate startup issue

Business/ Corporate/ Startup issue

Blacktie legal services India LLP  corporate law branch handles a wide range of corporate and commercial concerns, including the following. Joint ventures, cross-holdings, consortia, and other business alliances are all examples of corporate alliances. Investigations, regulatory issues, and corporate due diligence Foreign Investments, Joint Ventures, Foreign Collaborations, and Technology Absorptions, structuring and formation of new companies, business setup, winding up, foreign investments, joint ventures, foreign collaborations, and technology absorptions, Stock Exchange Listing Compliances, as well as developing and recording Shareholder Agreements Developing executive employment agreements and stock option plans to keep key executives on board. Developing business funding plans

Civil Matter

Civil Matters/ Something

Civil law systems, often known as continental or Romano-Germanic legal systems, are present on all continents and account for over 60% of the global population. They are founded on Roman law principles, classifications, and regulations, with some canon law influence, and are occasionally augmented or changed by local custom or culture. Though secularised throughout the centuries and focusing more on individual liberty, the civil law tradition encourages human collaboration.

Supreme court matter

Supreme Court Matter

Supreme Court at the apex of the Indian Judiciary is the highest authority to uphold the Constitution of India, to protect the rights and liberties of the citizens, and to uphold the values of rule of law. Hence, it is known as the Guardian of our Constitution.  

The Indian Constitution provides for a provision of the Supreme Court under Part V (The Union) and Chapter 6 titled 'The Union Judiciary'.  The Constitution of India has provided an independent judiciary with a hierarchical setup containing High Courts and Subordinate Courts under it.

Muslim law matter

Muslim Law Matter

The term 'Islamic law' refers to a variety of legal systems that have been developed and are still being developed with the goal of conforming to the Islamic faith. Islamic legal systems operate in a variety of ways, some of which are inconsistent. The use of the singular phrase 'Islamic law' should not be interpreted as implying a lack of legal polycentricity (the creation of Islamic law by multiple organisations and institutions) or legal pluralism (within Islamic societies, since Islamic and non-Islamic legal systems coexist).

immigration issue

Immigration issue

The process through which people become permanent residents or citizens of another country is known as immigration. Immigration has historically benefited states in terms of social, economic, and cultural benefits. Many current states are defined by a vast diversity of cultures and ethnicities that have developed from earlier eras of immigration; many modern states are characterised by a large variety of cultures and ethnicities that have originated from previous periods of immigration.

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