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Digital Signature Certificate: Advantages & Types of Digital Signature Certificate

A digital signature that certifies the identity of a company or individual. The way a person signs in front, it acts on a piece of paper. The only difference is that it is used in documents sent over the Internet.

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This certificate is like an electronic credit card, which establishes the e-identity of the user while doing business or any transaction on the web. The sender can never reject a document sent with this signature. This sign also ensures that once a document is digitally signed, it cannot be changed or tampered with.


What is the difference between Digital Certificate and Digital Signature?

There is a lot of difference between digital certificate and digital signature. Digital Certificate is used to verify the trustworthiness of a website, where Digital Signature is used to verify the key of a document.


Advantages of Digital Signature

  • Saving time and money

  • Authenticity of documents

  • For E-filling of Income Tax Return.

  • For E-filling of Company Incorporation.

  • For E-filling of Government Tender.

  • For E-filling of trademark and copyright applications


Types of  Digital Signature Certificate

Currently three different types of DSC are issued in India. The purpose and use of all three types of DSC are different.


Class 1 DSC

It can be issued to any person. It authenticates the email identity of the user.


Class 2 DSC

It is used to fill online forms of Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Sales Tax and Income Department.


Class 3 DSC

This is the most secure DSC. This Class 3 DSC is used for the purpose of establishing identity in electronic commerce and trading. To apply for Class 3 DSC, the person has to be present in person before the authority. This DSC can also be used for trademark registration.


Validity of DSC

The validity of Digital Signature Certificate is 1 to 2 years. To increase its validity, it has to be renewed from time to time.


Who needs Digital Signature Certificate?

• Company/Institution Director

• Chartered Accountant/Auditor

• company Secretary

• bank officials

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